Gear Reviews

AYUP MTB Lights  by Leon Colbert, Team ARea 51 (XPD 07 - 08)

What a great set of lights you have produced !!!!! Our team used the Ay Up lights at the 10 day XPD race in the Whitsundays and we were amazed at how well they went.  They all seemed to go beyond the estimated burn times, and all produced plenty of light to make finding those check points so much easier.  We had no problems telling people how good they are, especially at night, when they promoted themselves 

The additional benefits of their weight and size also have a big impact on your product being far superior than anything else in the market. Every person I spoke to about your lights had nothing but praise for them, and after watching them perform during the 10 days,  I can see what every one is talking about.  They truly are "the ducks nuts" in lighting systems. Thanks again for a great set of lights. This is what the adventure racing/mtb’ing community has been looking for ... a great set of lights at a very affordable price.


Adventure Medical Kits (AMK) by Michael Tobin, Team Nike
Medical Kits are part of the dreaded mandatory gear list but few adventure racers haven't actually used their contents. If only race directors mandatory medical items were as well thought out as Adventure Medical Kits. They even have a line of ultralight and waterproof kits for Adventure Racers designed for 3-4 people for 3-4 days! From wound management and medications to special instruments and a tiny roll of duct tape, what more could one need? Knock on wood!


Aloksak by Ian Adamson, Team Nike
When it comes to keeping essential items of equipment and apparel dry, Aloksaks are the only product I trust. These sealable bags are water resistant to 1,000ft, transparent, compliant and built of durable plastic that withstands the abuse of the toughest adventure races. I use Aloksaks to keep maps, apparel, food, electronic equipment and medical supplies completely dry in the wettest conditions.

Princeton Headlamps
by Mike Kloser, Team Nike
Having been Adventure racing for nearly a decade, I've used a lot of different headlamps. With the onset of the modern LED technology over the past few years, we are blessed with the ability to have bright, compact, light weight, waterproof and practical head lamps to use in Adventure Racing. No one's lights better exemplify these qualities than that of Princeton Tec's! 

My favorite as of late is the EOS, it's "all in one" self contained design is a winner in weight and design. I love the fact that I have a compact functional light, that I can rely upon for days without needing to change battery and having the ability to click it onto high beam for spotting off in the distance, makes the EOS perfect for Adventure Racing! It works super over or under helmets and functions great as a light while on the bike.

Adventure Racing requires that we have a mandatory head lamp with us at all times. I choose to bring along the Princeton Tec Scout, as it meets all the requirements I personally set for a mandatory light. It's extremely, compact, light weight, water resistant and has two bright LED bulbs with 4 light settings! The Scout is functional and has got me through some pretty extreme conditions... I also find it ideal for a back up
light when attached to the handle bars of my bike.

Sole Custom Footbeds by Michael Tobin & Mike Kloser, Team Nike
There's no question that foot care is vital in adventure racing. Every experienced adventure athlete has their "tricks to the trade" foot care secrets. Here's one we swear by. Sole Custom footbeds. Imagine a footbed that custom fits to your foot, not the average of 1 billion feet. Thereby, with every foot strike, your body weight is evenly supported by the sole of your feet. This reduces pressure to any particular place and minimizes unwanted movement that can cause blisters and stress to your knees and muscles. It all adds up to better performance. "In Expedition Races like the Primal Quest and the Raid World
Championships, we find ourselves racing for days with hefty packs on our backs. If it weren't for the support and comfort that Sole Custom Insoles provides, we'd be suffering like dogs from sore aching feet. When it comes to comfort in custom insoles, Sole leads the way!"

WXTex Dry Bags by Ian Adamson, Team Nike 
WXTex dry bags are without question the most versatile, light-weight and rugged dry bags on the market. Their radio frequency welded and bond coated material is extremely abrasion resistant and completely
waterproof. Several features make WXTex bags unique in their utility: inflation valves to provide positive internal pressure – totally eliminating water ingress under all conditions, and side pull straps that secure the roll top seal without the leak inducing wrinkles that plague standard dry bag seals. I have used WXTex bags with amazing success in grade IV white water, through ocean surf zones, saturated jungles (as a pack liner) and in dusty deserts.