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GoLite W's ARea 51 Performance Shirt

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Moisture wicking.  Odour-absorbing.  Environmentally friendly.   All-natural. 

FEATURES ARea 51 Logo on the front and range of brand supporters on the back

New Cocona facric enhancement technology in GoLite's DriMove polyester performance shirt utilises activated carbon from the inside of discarded coconut shells to keep the wearer dry and smelling fresh.    The benefits of these high performance shirts are easy to see, feel and smell!

Fabrics and yarns with Cocona absorb and transfer moisture off the skin to the garments surface over 50% faster than all leading polyester moisture management fabrics so you stay drier and cooler.  Cocona also absorbs and traps a wide range of odours so you smell fresher over extended used and through a wide range of conditions.  Cocona provides UVA and UVB protection with a SPF of 50+ protecting the wearer from damaging sun exposure.

Flat seam construction
Raglan sleeves

Weight:  100g (medium)

Colour:   Citron/Avocado

Front:  ARea 51 logo and tagline
Back:   ARea 51 supporter logos