Nalgene CXC Bladder - 2L


Wide 80mm Rapid Fill™ opening allows easy cleaning and filling ... tethered cap with leak-proof threads

CXC polymer reservoir retains no residual taste, plastic taste or smell - ideal for flavored drinks and water

Both the drink tube and reservoir feature Aquaguard™ antimicrobial protection, helping prevent the growth of bacteria and mould

Articulated Bite Me™ valve with magnetic clip ... magnet on valve sticks to a magnetic clip that attaches to a pack strap, so the Bite Me™ valve stays perfectly positioned for drinking

Quick-disconnect hose makes the reservoir easy to refill because you can remove it while leaving the drink tube in place

Lightweight, super tough construction results in maximum abrasion resistance


N.B.  Moderate magnetic field around bit valve clip may affect proper operation of compasses and GPS units