ARea51 NTR Mapboard


Greg Toman (ARea 51) & Mark Honsberger (Intrepid Concepts Canada) have designed a new mapboard mount for those people who are after a "No-Tools Required" mounting system. Mark, being an aeroplane engineer, has fined tuned the design and manufacturing process to provide you with a professionally made and finished product.

The "No-Tools Required" mounting system means that once you have assembled the mapboard it will take approx. 30 seconds to mount it on your bike and less time to take off. The new mount has three "legs" to create a stable platform for either a 9 inch or 11 inch 360 degree rotating top-board. The front two legs are secured to the handlebar and the third leg to the headset...all using 1/2 inch Velcro straps.

To adjust the level of the top-board for the various headset angles the third leg can be adjusted in length. The level of the top-board is important when using a compass as the compass needle may not freely move when the top-board is not close to level.

The new ARea 51 NTR Mapboard has been designed to allow AYUP lighting to be mounted on the handle bars at the same time.

Please click on the image or "more" to view more images of the board and mount.