Moxie Shin Gaiters

Moxie Shin Gaiters

Moxie Gaiters are designed to protect shins ... the Shin Gaiter has padded panels over the shin, soft stretch fabric around the calf and comes in three sizes with ties for adjustments.


PLEASE NOTE: image supplied by Moxie shows both the Shin and Ankle Gaiter together, the Ankle Gaiters are sold separately. This item is the Moxie Shin Gaiters ONLY


If you would like to purchase the Moxie Ankle Gaiter (which comes in two sizes and is designed to fit comfortably underneath the shin gaiter or simply on its own) then click here


Moxie Shin Gaiter Sizing Info:

The circumference of the gaiters at the largest point is 390mm for all three sizes. The difference in sizes is only in the length of the gaiter.

Small: 300mm
Medium: 330mm
Large: 360mm