BSc M's Full Quad Shorts

This Body Science short has be screen printed with the ARea 51 Logo.

The only sports garment to use "Targeted Compression"

Made up of panels that "target" and support individual muscle groups, to improve circulation, increase oxygen delivery, aid in the removal of lactic acid, reduce muscle soreness and diminish likelihood of injury.

Recover quicker, train harder & reach your performance peak faster!

ARea 51 have tested the Full Quad Shorts ... putting them through their paces running, swimming, board paddling and lake/ocean ski paddling. The BSC Full Quad Shorts are very comfortable and performed well in all these sports.

Here are some other reasons to try Body Science Compression gear:

  • 40% increase in anaerobic threshold
  • 14% reduction on blood lactic concentrations
  • 10% increase in VO2 max
  • 5.2% increase in explosive muscle power
  • 0.32 cm reduction in longitudinal & anterior muscle oscillation
  • 2.1% increase in work capacity
  • Lowest tested moisture retention
  • UPF 50+ Ultraviolet protection


1.Compression of the leg muscles,aiding in enhanced blood flow, promoting improved muscular endurance an stability.
2. Improved lactic acid removal allowing a reduction in fatigue, therefore reducing muscle injury.
3. Providing the muscle with optimal thermal temperatures ensuring a reduction in muscle strains an sprains often a consequence of reduced core muscle temperatures.
4. Improved Oxygen flow to muscles allowing an increase overall aerobic performance.
5. Reduced muscle vibration during exercise in turn facilitating post work out recovery.
6. Reducing muscle and ligament strain keeping muscles in line an at optimal positions.