BSc M's Multi Hull Paddle Shorts


BSc Multi Hull Short - with ARea 51 Logo

For too long rowers, kayakers and water sport enthusiasts alike have been suffering from chafe, calluses and sores due to poor clothing options when training and competing. The Multi Hull short has been specifically designed to address these issue, whilst instilling the benefits of Targeted Compression, into the one unique garment.

With the help of Gold Medallist Kenny Wallace comes the very first compression garment specifically designed for paddle sport fanatics. The difference in the Multi Hull shorts lies in the specialised design of the garment, and includes:

  • Development & insertion of a specialised shaped & sized Protective Gluteal Sheath into a compression garment

  • Specific seamed panel positioning that is tailored towards the specific comfort of Kayakers / Canoeists / Paddlers

  • Lower body graduated compression designed especially for a sitting positioned athlete – normally a garment is designed for vertical plane performance with this kayaker garment we had to make the adjustments & changes on a horizontal plane

  • Lower body graduated compression that provides extra comfort within the wet environment

Not only has the garment addressed compression and sitting discomfort issues, but the stitching within the garment has undergone extensive testing in order to eliminate chaffing and rubbing causing discomfort, sores & resulting poor performance.

Go faster and further with Body Science Multi Hull Shorts.