GARA GP2 2-Piece Carbon Paddle

Best selling GARA Paddle

The GP2 Paddle represents approx. 75% of all GARA paddle sales in Australia.

A unique shape of blade that provides excellent stability in the water and does not require a perfect paddling style or stroke to be effective. It is popular in fields such as surf-skiing, river paddling (both long distance and white-water racing), flat-water marathons and sprinting. The G2 is ideal for men of average size and strength, strong ladies and juniors. 

The Gara GP2 Full Carbon Wing paddle is the best choice for most fitness or racing paddlers. All paddles come standard with Concepts™ locking clamp technology. The Full Carbon Stiff Shaft construction option is most often preferred by sprint racers, while the 40:60 carbon: glass Medium Flex Shaft construction option is better suited to distance paddlers. Recreational paddlers might also opt for a soft glass shaft. Kevin Whites choice for the 2010 Avon Descent – 2nd place.

Blade Specifications:
Width: 16.8cms
Length: 49.5 cms
Surface Area 702 cm2
Avg Blade Weight: 250gms each

The Manufacturing Process - by GARA

Gara Racing Paddles are produced with the highest care and quality. A great deal of research and design has gone into the manufacturing process that defines the Gara Paddle brand. You can be assured that many years of hands on experience with both the materials used and the finished product has brought you the Gara paddles you order.

Custom hand operated compression presses are used to apply up to 5 tons of pressure on each Gara paddle blade in setting the carbon fibre design. The presses allow a consistent 60 degree (Celcius) heat treatment of each blade through an aluminium block lazer cut to the shape of your paddle. This ensures even curing of the carbon fibre blades and creates exceptionally light, strong blades.

The use of a combination of high quality carbon fibre sheets crossed with multi-axial and uni- directional strands along the length of the blade ensure just enough "give" in the blade under extreme stress, while ensuring supreme strength in river and sprint conditions. All Gara Racing Paddle sets are provided with a high quality Gara branded paddle cover to protect your paddles while in transit or not in use.

Because each Gara paddle set is handmade and constructed with the utmost care, you can be assured of a light weight product that will provide reliability and strength in your discipline of water sport.

Hank McGregor (3x K1 World Marathon Champion)

My Choice of Blades 2013 Season,

I choose to race with GARA Racing paddles as I like the strength and durability of the Blades. I trust the paddle and shaft set up which I believe is what really counts when choosing your paddle manufacturer.

My Paddle:

I have recently changed Blade shapes .I am now paddling with GP 2 paddles instead of the GP3. After 2012 season I borrowed my paddling partners (Grant Van De Walt) Blades (GP 2) and really liked the forward catch. However I needed to concentrate on my stroke a lot more over the off season and it seems to have paid off. I feel I can keep my average speed up easier and have more catch when accelerating. I paddle with a elite, soft shaft in rivers but prefer the stiff shaft for Flat water and Surf ski races.
I have achieved great results in Surf ski and Rivers this 2013 season but after winning World K1 marathon champs in Denmark I am happy with my decision of changing blade shapes.
The GP 2 shape Blade suites my style and has helped with my forward catch in my stroke.
Catch you on the Water
Hank McGregor
3 x K1 Senior World Canoe Marathon Champion.