Silva Race S Jet Thumb Compass

SILVA’s new range of Race Jet thumb compasses are perfect for the orienteer, adventure race athlete or anyone who needs a high quality compass with a fast needle settling time and stability while on the run.
The new range of Race S Jet Compasses feature:
  • New needle design - increases map visibility
  • New baseplate design - allows thumb contact with map
  • Thicker baseplate material - withstands tougher conditions
  • New friction element - improved friction against map
  • Smaller capsule - decreases risk of volume changes due to temperature variation, so less risk of “bubbles”

Race S Jet is your compass if you’re looking for an elite thumb compass without the fuss ... the Spectra system, lots of transparency to increase the map visibility and all the high-end qualities that you may need. 

Weight:  26g
Options:  Left Hand and Right Hand

N.B.  the housing on this compass does not rotate ... if you prefer a turnable housing then go for the Race 360 Jet